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In this, the first of 5 books on the subject of Reverse Speech®: the voice of the unconscious mind, David Oates and his co-author Greg Albrecht propose an extraordinary new theory to explain the occurrence of strange, unplanned messages reportedly heard on rock and roll records when played backwards – a bizarre phenomenon that mystifies humanity to this day.

No Accident: Backward Masking Represents the Duality of Human Communication

Following perhaps the most comprehensive integrated study of Backward Masking, Human Communication and Psychology it’s authors conclude that these until now unexplained messages are an intricate and integral part of the communication process and that on the Reverse of everyone’s speech can be heard the uncensored voice of our unconscious, inner mind – a window into the soul.

What’s in the Book?

Be Warned: This fascinating book reveals exactly what its authors found and will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about human communication!

Inside you’ll discover:

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156 pages, paperback.


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The first of a substantial body of work spanning over 30 years of his life, this book catalogues David’s early research, findings and theories on the subject of Reverse Speech and the suggestion that human communication operates on two levels; a conscious spoken level and an unconscious level representative of what you might refer to as ‘gut feeling’

Whatever your own opinion, this book is a fascinating read for anyone who has even the slightest interest in what makes us do the things we do!

Special Edition

156 pages, hardback.


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About the Authors

David Oates

Born in 1955, David has a strong interest in alternate living as well as writing. He is experienced in electronics, being a qualified Amateur Radio Operator, and has conducted private lectures in marketing and motivational dynamics. He has been actively involved with youth and drop-in centres, and this association has been partially responsible for the writing of this book, and others yet to be published.

Greg Albrecht

Greg was born in 1954. He is a secondary school teacher, experienced in Adaptive Education, Remedial English and Religious Studies (comparative religion). He has previously lived in a Christian community, spending several years of his life as a residential care worker. He is currently researching a book dealing with the topics discussed in Appendix C of this book.